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Code of Conduct

The Claw is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and harassment-free space and experience for all Twitch stream viewers and extended community members to build stuff, learn things, and love what they do.

We are a diverse community. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, socioeconomic status, educational background and level of experience, preferred programming language(s), ethnicity, nationality, age, and religious affiliation.

This Code of Conduct applies to all The Claw Stream Team members whilst streaming on Twitch, as a participant in chat in streams on Twitch, and on social platforms related to promoting your streams.

As a member of The Claw Stream team, you agree to:

Build stuff, learn things, and love what you do

The Claw is science and technology — for everyone. We are a diverse group of tech streamers from across the world streaming all aspects of science and tech — with a focus on being friendly and welcoming to all. From front end web development, APIs and web systems, to data science, game development and mobile apps — there’s something at The Claw for everyone.

As a member of The Claw Stream Team you are committed to helping people — especially those who are new to tech — to engage, ask questions and learn in a positive and welcoming environment.

Approach interactions with thoughtfulness and care

Use welcoming and inclusive language. It's a good idea to use non-gender-specific nouns for addressing groups of people (such as “folks”, “people” or “friends”). Always ask if you are unsure how someone would like to be addressed (such as their preferred name or pronouns). Be mindful that you may be communicating with others whose first language is not English.

Represent the community in a positive way

As a member of The Claw Stream Team, you are also a representative of the community. To this end, you agree to support the Code of Conduct in full, and alert moderators of The Claw of any behavior you witness from team members that falls short of the guidelines laid out.

The Claw will not tolerate the following

  • Discriminatory or derogatory jokes and language relating to gender identity and expression, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, socioeconomic status, educational background and level of experience, ethnicity, nationality, age, lifestyle choices, and religious affiliation.
  • Criticising people’s choice of programming languages, frameworks, IDEs and other tech tools of choice.
  • Behavior that could be perceived — in any way — as sexual attention or objectifying streamers based on appearance
  • Posting or allowing the posting of sexually explicit or violent material
  • Use of particular Twitch emotes that are currently associated with discriminatory organisations such as the Pepe emotes. We understand that this is a difficult landscape to navigate and as such, guidelines may change over time. [See Appendix 1]
  • Posting, or allowing the posting of any aspect of a person’s identity or communication history without their consent
  • Excessive and/or sustained, uninvited disruption, communication or harassment — either in Twitch streams, social platforms or private conversations

Resolving Code of Conduct Violations

If a member of The Claw stream team has said or done something that violates this Code of Conduct or makes you feel comfortable or unsafe in any way, please report the incident to The Claw Stream Team moderator, Steffi128.

The Claw takes reports of Code of Conduct violations seriously. When reporting the violation, please provide as many details as possible, such as:

  • The Twitch username of the streamer who allegedly violated the code of conduct
  • The time, place, and details of the alleged violation
  • Whether the situation is ongoing
  • Whether there were additional witnesses or other people involved
  • Whether or not you would prefer to have your complaint be kept anonymous in the situation

We will work with you to evaluate what happened, inform the person(s) in question that a violation was reported, and establish the next steps in resolving the issue.


  • Streamers asked to stop any inappropriate behavior are expected to do so immediately, even if participants do not agree with or fully acknowledge the behavior being reported.
  • Streamers violating our Code of Conduct may be removed from the team at the discretion of team moderators and the team owner.

Code of Conduct Feedback

Feedback is always appreciated! As a member of The Claw Stream Team, If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this Code of Conduct, please contact Steffi128 or whitep4nth3r.

Appendix 1

Since Pepe the Frog and similar emotes are deeply engrained in Twitch's ecosystem through the use of tools such as BetterTwitchTV, we decided that it's not feasible to put a blanket ban on all Pepe emotes, but instead disallow the use of these emotes based on context in channels affiliated with The Claw Stream Team. This means you — as a streamer — and your moderators must act on messages in your chat that use these emotes in a discriminatory or hateful manner. This includes emotes coming from browser extensions such as BetterTwitchTV, as well as some streamers' subscriber emotes.

To replace disallowed images in your chat overlays you can use existing services such as Streamparrot or StreamElements, or you can include similar functionality in your own chat overlays. Replacement images may be totally different images that depict the same style of the meme but suit your channel or customised versions in the style of Pepe.

Please do not use the following emotes/images:

  1. KEKism
  2. Kekistan
  3. Groypers
  4. Pepe the Frog in FeelsGoodMan, FeelsBadMan, monkaS, FeelsAmazingMan, RarePepe, bUrself, FeelsBirthdayMan, FeelsSnowyMan, PepePls

You are permitted to use the following emotes/images:

  1. Peepo (small, childlike frog)
  2. pepeD (Pixelart dancing pepe)

We know that this is a sensitive subject, and therefore this appendix to the Code of Conduct is subject to change regularly. When we update these guidelines, we will keep you informed in the respective Discord channels.