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    I help developers build stuff, learn things, and love what they do • DevRel @contentful • Twitch partner • Microsoft MVP • Jamstack Conf Community Creator 2021

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    Greetings from The Empress Aria! Technical Professional focusing on developing their programming abilities.

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    💀☕️ Hey! I'm Metal & Coffee (she/her). I'm a ful-time web developer. I'm a metalhead ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ I stream coding, horror games and FFXIV. ☕️💀🤘🏾

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    Heyooo! I'm Tabs. I love having fun and helping people. :D I stream code, design, and games. I often hang in our Discord Coworking/Slackathon channels. Bring your worst pun game! I give feedback on UIs, sites, and business model canvases during non-gaming streams.

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    Hi, I'm Gene, I stutter and I stream developing stuff in JS/TS/Angular & C#

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    I put my faith in data. Information. Ones and zeroes never lie!

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    Dev 🥑 @MongoDB | Microsoft MVP | Twilio Champion | I help developers build confidence and battle Impostor Syndrome, one line of code/story at a time | She/Her

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    Husband • Father • Developer Evangelist | Build. Learn. Share. Repeat.

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    Sometimes code will happen

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    💀 Software developer. Enthusiastic about some things, but not others. 💀

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    I build stuff on the internet. Not really sure what I’m doing. I’m a 20-year old Freelance Web Developer based out of London.

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    Web developer. Hobbyist android developer. But I also like to try new languages and frameworks as well. Always working on something :)

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    Developer 🥑 for hire. I'll be building in Javascript, or maybe learning something else, but you'll either see me building stuff or asking people about building stuff.

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    Ow'Do 👋!! A Developer through and through and a "brilliant" infiltrator within a world of competent adults! You are not an imposter! Instead ABL and just be you and be the best infiltrator you can be, in the tech world!

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    Lead dev at Madhouse Miners. Software engineer, friendly person. Streaming projects for MadhouseMiners, The Claw, and Personal projects. Using Rust, Web Assembly, HTML, CSS, and TypeScript

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    Hi, I'm Mark, aka FiniteSingularity. I've been a developer and educator for over 20-years having taught undergrad and graduate level programming and engineering courses. I love to code, learn from those around me, and share my own experience and knowledge with others. (he/him)